Artists Statement

Glass is a most seductive material. Idiosyncratic in its behaviour, it is a solid which behaves like a liquid, mysterious and alluring. It is therefore a most appropriate material with which to respond artistically to the inspiration provided by the natural, social and mythological environment of this ancient and beautiful land. The range of possibilities allowed by glass is seemingly endless and permits tiny pieces of intricate detail and architectural works on a massive scale. I take advantage of both ends of this spectrum.

My kiln fired glass is mostly based on functional forms, following the aesthetic philosophy that functional objects should be beautiful to look at and art should be a pleasure to handle. The designs derive from my surroundings, my extensive travels and acknowledge the five thousand year history of glass, employing techniques which in some cases are as old as the material itself.

Recently I have begun to blend my large scale architectural stained glass work with the much smaller kiln fired series. This has resulted in exhibition panels of fused glass, which relate to the various series of glassware and architectural scale fused glass installations present exciting scope for innovative design.

My main objective is that every piece I make be unique, even when part of a limited series. It is important that I am able to express myself each time I make something. This is why my series are never very large and why they evolve quite rapidly, often ending abruptly when I take a new direction. In this way, I remain interested and challenged and the custodians of my work know they have something different.