Fractal geometry has emerged as the language of the natural world, giving us for the first time, the ability to mathematically express our environment. Its computed imagery is as complex, diverse and fascinating as nature itself.

The New Testament figures in mediaeval stained glass stand like midgets on the shoulders of the Old Testament prophets. Similarly, contemporary mathematicians stand atop the shoulders of their predecessors, from where they see over the limitations of Euclidean thought, to the fantastic computer graphic images of reality: the iconography of the present

Like a spiritual metaphor, the Mandelbrot Set hovers mysteriously in cyberspace, appearing at every level of magnification, providing an ordered island in a chaotic ocean of strange images.

New ideas have often found artistic expression. It is a rare event in the history of the development of human thought and understanding that such a giant intellectual step should be expressed in images synonymous with those categorised as art. Glass, a chaotic material in a state of order; a solid with the characteristics of a liquid, seems an appropriate medium in which to adapt some of this new imagery. Marc Grunseit