This series is inspired by the foreshore rockpools which dot the Australian coastline. Filled with myriad creatures and plants, each is an isolated ecosystem, yet at high tide, becomes just another depression in the great ocean floor. Marc's rockpools however, are populated by creatures more surreal, in a virtual landscape of fractal patterns. The process of fabrication involves a number of 'deconstructions' and reassembly, producing a multi-layered world, slightly distorted, as by the refractive properties of deep water. The observer is thus invited to dive in and explore the complex array of patterns and textures for close encounters with denizens of the 'virtual deep'.

There have been five phases of development in the series to date. The first pieces were complex, crowded and have a textured blue background. The next series has a much more refined and polished finish, with clear background and a more painterly and abstracted style. It is characterised by the use of more deep blue and dichroic elements and alludes more to the barrier reef, after which it is named. The next series, entitled 'The Beach', looks at a bigger picture than its predecessors, although simultaneously deals with considerable detail. The fourth series introduces the foreshore of the tropical North as a major feature, following an inspiring visit to the Daintree National Park. Finally, the focus shifts Under the Beach, swimming with surreal creatures through underwater forests.