This series, as with my previous ones, can be viewed on different levels of magnification simultaneously. It is an Australian foreshore landscape painting in glass, a topographical map, a schematic for emerging life-forms and an electron-micrograph all in one, among other things.

The seed for the concept behind this series arose from reading about deep sea investigations of discrete ecosystems surrounding volcanic vents. It deals with the emergence of new life on the edge of the fires. The fractal iterations present in nature were the inspiration for this return to an earlier idea and the discovery that the seed for my more recent designs lay hidden within their predecessors. This design brings together all five of those preceding series, giving greater coherence to the progression and pays homage to the world of particle physics, where virtual particles can exist in more than one place at the same time.

These pieces are rich in detail, progressing from the Magma rim, through a deep sea of dark blues to cool pale blue waves on a reef, lapping a sandy shore. Here signs of life emerge in the shape of surreal creatures and plants, snaking their way from the water to the arid lands, already ancient and redolent of history. In some of the larger pieces, underlying the whole design is a series of radiating cracks, focused at the point of transition from sea to land and reminiscent of the continental drift which rent Gondwana.