This series arose from a desire to meet two congruous goals. Firstly to free the glass from the necessity to employ a base of some other material. To date, all pieces other than bowls utilise a perspex stand, a wrought iron support or a timber, granite or stainless steel base. I sought an elegant, self supporting form. Thus evolved the Sail Form; simple, stable and beguiling in profile. The simplicity of the form belied the difficulty of achieving its smooth lines, but demanded a matching design.

The Occuli are windows on the various worlds visited in all the previous series, but pared down to the minimum. I was inspired by the work of Cezanne, who at the end of his life began to explore the power in the empty spaces on his canvass: to tell a whole story with the minimum of brushstrokes. In the Occuli the same visual vocabulary is employed, but to say more with less.