This series explores relationships between different aspects of the Australian environment. Social, ecological and mythological interpretations sometimes clash and at other times form complementary partnerships. The first in the series dealt with the clash between the Aboriginal view of the land and that of the mining industry. The second looked at the delicate balance between desert and water and this latest piece deals with forest and fire.

In the summer of 1997/8 terrible fires devastated the Pilliga brush, a huge expanse of forest in North West NSW. The story of fire and its use by people in shaping the modern landscape is still controversial. The damage and awesome beauty wrought by the demon when it escapes from the bottle is the inspiration for this offering.

These sculptural pieces are made in two parts; a kiln formed glass disc affixed to the back of a kiln formed glass ring by stainless steel fasteners. The whole rests on a wrought iron base. The diameter of the assembled piece is 700mm and it is shipped in a museum quality custom made case.