Wititj is the name for the mythical Rainbow Serpent in one of the Australian Aboriginal languages. Wik refers to the first successful Aboriginal Native Title claim in the Australian High Court, wherein the concept of Terra Nullius was overturned.

The ring bears the skeletal representation of a serpent, the vestigial remnant of the creation dream. The disc which floats slightly behind the ring is an outback landscape and the two are joined by stainless steel fasteners. Thus the floating island of Australia is tethered to its original mythological origins by the penetrating cold steel of modern reality. The outcome of this juxtaposition is still in doubt.

The kiln fired glass sculpture is presented on a wrought iron stand and comes in a custom made shipping box with the two pieces of glass separately enclosed in ethafoam compartments. Tools and fasteners are included for easy assembly. The stand is packed separately. Outside diameter: 650mm.

Signed, numbered and dated, this will be a strictly limited series.

Title: Wititj & Wik
Series: Rings Of Power
Size: Detail

All designs available as sculptural and architectural panels.

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This piece of work is available in several shapes and sizes.

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