A recent trip to Central Australia inspired this new series. Journeying into the arid red sands to hunt for stone-age artefacts and an introduction to the survival techniques in this harshly beautiful environment, suggested a new direction.

The pieces comprising this body of work use a similar visual vocabulary to the Dreaming Shore Series, from which they arose. Breaking out of the circular, functional form, these unique exhibition pieces are based on ritual, stone-age blades; axes, spear heads, adzes and the like. They tell stories of mythical journeys, which are metaphors for survival in ancient Gondwana, to which the patterns of cracks directly refer. The cutting edges have been faceted with a chipping tool, yielding sharp, scalloped edges which refract the light and reference neolithic flints.

Each is mounted on a sandstone, granite or metal base and some are furnished with hardwood handles.