The "TRACKS" Series deals with the desert, arid repository of Australia's ancient past. Each piece tells part of the story of a journey: through the landscape, through legend, through time. They were originally inspired by the messages in the sand left by passing creatures; sometimes their footprints, sometimes their bones, sometimes their dreams.

The paradox of life is shown in the billabongs and plants, treasure in the opals and precious stones and dreaming, as in the legend of the rainbow serpent. The smallest pieces in the series show individual elements of a story, whilst the biggest pieces show in dramatic detail, a larger picture.

This series brings together the development of preceeding series: Magma, Genesis and Capricornia and was the culmination of eighteen months' work.

The 'Tracks in Fire' sub-series demonstrates considerably greater tension, due to the constraining effect of the 'Magma' rim, compared to the more contemplative 'Tracks' pieces. They together represent a much more painterly approach.